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Shahid Kapoor

If you were in your early teens in the late 90s chances of you girls crushing over the “Aankhon Mein Tera hi Chehra” boy are pretty high – count me in. He was then seen in the perfect college romance ever – Ishq Vishk and had us swoon over him. You will be surprised that the new addition to the list of chocolate boys in Bollywood was initially offered the 2001 comedy Style to play the character which was finally enacted by Sarman Joshi. Shahid made a wise decision by saying no to Style and yes to Ishq Vishk for we all know Style didn’t do anything to help Sarman’s career.

10 actors who were supposed to debut in totally different movies, any guesses which ones?

Shahid is all set for his December release Padmavati, the actor has certainly come a long way since the release of his 2002 rom-com Ishq Vishk and we do admit it was an amazing journey for Shahid. But do you know Shahid wasn’t set to debut in Ishq Vishk to begin with? It was a whole different movie that could have marked his Bollywood debut and perhaps altered the course of his career too.

Shahid is not the only one! There are many celebs who were scheduled to enter the industry through particular movies, but destiny chose something else for them.

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