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Athiya Shetty

Having debuted in 2015, Athiya is still struggling to put a hit against her name. Sunil Shetty's 26-year-old daughter, has already been part of two releases and appeared in a cameo in Nawabzaade. While her first movie couldn't even break-even to its budget, the other two left her with little to no recognition. In an industry where Sara Ali Khan, Jahnvi Kapoor, and Ananya Pandey have already made a mark as new entrants, Athiya desperately needs a hit to put herself on the map of Bollywood.

10 actresses that direly need a major box-office hit right now

Bollywood is an unforgiving industry that waits for no one. If one can’t keep up to its dynamic and ever growing demands, it would take not a second to look at the next best option in the queue.

This is exactly what can happen to these 10 beautiful actresses if they don’t take note of the danger lurking their acting careers.

With a flock of new bees in B-town, they may face a survival threat, and only a major block buster can save them.