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Delhi Belly

The 2011 movie with ‘A’ certification opened very well at the box office and bagged fine ratings as well, Delhi Belly is among the few movies we can remember Imran Khan for. The story revolving around three roommates – a journalist, a photographer and a cartoonist, suddenly lands you in the dark side of Delhi. But to make it an adult comedy, what you find a lot is tons and tons of unwanted sex ka tadka.

10 Adult-comedies of Bollywood you must watch - some are so bad, they are good

Out of many genres of cinema, adult comedy is one, where Bollywood fails miserably. It takes a creator with extra prowess to blend comedy and sex without rendering it vulgar and most Bollywood directors struggle in achieving the balance.

But if you want to give Bollywood sex-comedies a shot anyway, these are 10 movies you must check out. Some are so bad, they are actually good.