10 Advantages Of Natural Birth Over C Section

10 Advantages Of Natural Birth Over C Section

For years, mothers have been vouching for natural birth as it is safer than a C-section. This is because not every delivery requires medical intervention as most women are fit to give birth naturally. However, due to lack of knowledge on this topic, we witness many women opting for surgery even when they are capable of delivering their baby naturally. In this article, we will help you understand how natural birth is better than a C-section by listing ten advantages of the former over the latter.

Establish a Relationship Through Breastfeeding

Before undergoing a C-section, women are required to take more than one numbing drug. The first 24 hours are considered to be extremely crucial to forming a bond between the mother and the baby through breastfeeding. Being unconscious after the surgery deprives you of the chance of breastfeeding your newborn baby, making you miss out on a novel experience.

Natural Birth Induces a Hormonal Balance in You

The final push during natural birth is said to release oxytocin in your body, which is also referred to as the 'love hormone.' This secretion of oxytocin enables you to instantly feel connected with your baby and evokes a feeling of love for them. Since oxytocin is also responsible for making you feel happy, natural birth helps to create a hormonal balance in your body after a meticulous and exhaustive birthing process.

Faster Recovery

Natural birth enables women to resume their normal lives within three days of the delivery. However, since the stitches have to be removed a few days after the surgery, women are required to be in the hospital for some time after the delivery if they undergo a c-section.

Avoid Loss of Blood

Natural birth helps you avoid the loss of blood, which is a consequential aspect of a C-section. Moreover, loss of blood can even be fatal in some cases. Therefore, both doctors and mothers vouch for natural birth over C-section.

Labour Pain is Important

The pain-relieving medications that are given to women interfere with the natural law of the body and slow down the labour process, making it last longer. The contractions experienced during natural birth are important as they signal the brain to perform optimally during the delivery and make it as safe for the baby as possible.

No Risks of Infection

The stitches performed during a C-section can cause internal infections that may require further attention. Therefore, pregnant women are advised to opt for a natural birth process to avoid such troubles.

Allows You to Lift Heavy Weight Post-Delivery

A majority of women who undergo c-section complain about experiencing pain when they engage in any rigorous physical work, especially when lifting heavy weights. Natural birth, on the other hand, allows you to live a normal life without any such problems post-childbirth.

You Are Present During the Process

Natural birth, usually, does not require you to take any drugs. Therefore, you  get to completely experience the beautiful process of childbirth.

Natural Birth Is Cheaper

In India, a C-section in a private hospital will cost you anywhere between INR 30,000 - 50,000. However, natural birth will cost you less than INR 15,000.

No Involvement of Drugs

Natural birth is the only way of giving birth without having to take any drugs or medications. It also ensures that your baby is born healthy, which is another reason why most mothers opt for a natural birth over C-section.

Positive Effects of Natural Birth on Babies

Natural birth allows your baby to breath properly after the secretion of stress hormones during the birthing process. It helps to increase their overall health by improving their immune system. Natural birth also helps in the development of their brain and motor skills. Lastly, it helps the mother form a more intimate bond with the baby through the process of breastfeeding.