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Badami Cave Temple

A small town named Badami, in the Bagalkot District of Karnataka, is home to a series of complex Hindu, Buddhist and Jain temples which together, are known as the famous Badami cave temples. These 6th century temples, formed by cutting and carving gigantic rocks, echo the architectural artisanship of the erstwhile kingdom of the Chalukya dynasty.

10 ancient temples you must visit to witness the architectural mastery of olden times

The temples of ancient India, for its people, were beyond just places of worship. They were the hubs of the bygones centuries, where people gathered and socialized, and  art forms like music and dance were appreciated,

While the society, its people, its medium of entertainment and mode of worship have undergone changes, these temples stand tall just the way they were years ago, brilliant and majestic. Of course, time has left a few spots of aging on them, but the erosion only furthered their appeal.

When it comes to visual appeal, these monuments can take on any exemplar of architectural excellence, anywhere in the world. But certainly, they could have been maintained and propagated more so as to pull more tourists than what they host.

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