10 biggest blockbusters of the decade (2010-19)

The biggest challenge while making a list of the biggest blockbusters of the decade is to decide what the determining factor should be. As the period spans ten years, one cannot simply pick the ten highest grossers and proclaim them as the biggest blockbusters because the prices of tickets shoot up every year, especially for marquee, big-budget releases.

Hence, the nett collections of -- for example -- a ‘Race 3’ released in 2018 are more than a ‘Dabangg’, which hit the screens in 2010, though the latter is a much bigger blockbuster. Hence, the ideal yardstick to measure the magnitude of Box-Office success of films is the number of footfalls. Footfalls are nothing but the number of tickets sold by cinema halls across India. So, a ‘Dabangg’ has more footfalls than a ‘Race 3’ and would have done much more business than the latter if released in 2018 because of increased ticket rates over the years.

Here are the 10 blockbusters which released between 2010-2019 and struck gold at the turnstiles.

1) ‘Baahubali 2: The Conclusion’ is excluded as it was a Telugu movie dubbed in Hindi. This list takes into account only Bollywood films.

2) Footfalls are number of tickets sold within India.

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