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Maine Pyar Kiya

Long before Alok Nath assumed the fulltime position of Bollywood Babuji, he fled the country to earn some hard cash, leaving his teenage daughter with his childhood friend’s family. The rich boy-poor girl Bollywood cliché was hence born, and was born the bad boy of Indian Cinema – Salman Khan. Though Bhagyashree faded away from the silver screen as a one hit wonder, she won our hearts with that one movie and is still the epitome of Bollywood-esque innocence.

10 Bollywood Movies to Watch on V'day With Your Special Someone

The beauty of Valentine’s Day is, you can make it as happening or keep it as low key as you wish, to match your personality. Hustle your way through brunches and movies and shopping malls to dinners, if you are the one with tons of Red Bull at your disposal. But for the ones with 206 lazy bones joined to form one couch potato like myself – Order some pizza, get some free coke and throwback to the some Bollywood oldies Netflix provides aplenty.