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Salman Khan

In 2011, Salman shared with his fans that he suffers from Trigeminal Neuralgia, an excruciating condition affecting the face and the jaw. It continues to have serious implications on his regular life and routine, but as we know him, the Dabbang actor refuses to bow down.

10 Bollywood stars and their relentless struggles with deadly diseases

When they are not busy entertaining us on and off screen, at times, they are out there is their secure zone fighting their own battles. We have all known how renowned pop star Selena Gomez had undergone a severe kidney transplant earlier this year. That she is battling Lupus was long known but the singer kept her heartbreaking conditions from fans till everything worked out all fine.

Back home, we have many stars who, in the quite of their four walls have fought – few still fighting – some major health conditions.

Here are some of your most beloved celebs that are putting a tough face to fatal health conditions.