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Bill Gates

The Microsoft Founder has said that Bitcoin is better than Government currency. Bill Gates and his friends invested 170 billion dollars in Bitcoin to save the environment. He also said that 2.5 billion around the world lack access to financial services, which deepens their poverty and prevents them from pursuing opportunities and growing their potential. He said that expanding digital financial access should be a global humanitarian priority.

10 celebrities who have invested in cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are digital or virtual currencies that use encryption techniques to regulate the generation of units and verify transfer of funds, and operate independently of a central bank.

The Supreme Court of India recently struck down a ban on cryptocurrency trading in India, which was in place following a Reserve Bank of India order in April, 2018.

According to an industry executive, Indians traded roughly 2,500 bitcoins per day before the ban. With the lifting of the curbs, the number is expected to go up substantially.

Here’s a look at celebrities (international as well as Indian) who believe in the power of cryptocurrency and have invested big in this virtual currency.

Source: Usethebitcoin and Cryptomaa