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Milan, Italy

Price of cappuccino $1.70 (Rs 119)

11 cheapest cities in the world for a cappuccino: Is India on this list? Find out

Milan is the cheapest city in the world to buy your morning coffee, according to new research. And no surprises here, but India comes in a close second given the fact that India produces some of the world’s finest coffee.

Deutsche Bank recently published its eighth annual “Mapping the World’s Prices” report, which compares and contrasts the cost of everything from a haircut to an iPhone X in 55 major cities around the world.

The Italian city of Milan came out as the cheapest city in the world for a cappuccino, at an average cost of $1.70. The average price in fact fell from $1.90 last year.

Italy has long been famous for its coffee culture and is the second largest importer of coffee beans in Europe. Italians typically have cappuccinos as a breakfast drink, preferring espresso after noon.

In India, coffee bars have gained popularity with chains such as Café Coffee Day, Costa, Lavazza and others. In the Indian home, coffee consumption is greater in south India than elsewhere.

Indian coffee has a good reputation in Europe for its less acidic and sweetness of character and thus widely used in Espresso Coffee, though Americans prefer African and South American coffee, which is a more acidic and brighter variety. Copenhagen came out as the most expensive city in the world for a morning pick-me-up. The average cup of coffee costs $6.30 in the Danish capital.

The eleven cheapest cities in the world for a cappuccino are:

Source: www.dbresearch.com