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Sparsh Shah

He was born with more than 40 fractures, but that didn’t keep this American born child of Indian descent from giving 45 performances just at the age of 12. He has composed 10 soul stirring songs including, ‘There’s always tomorrow’, ‘Why’d you have to leave me’, ‘Turn around’ and ‘Birthday wishes’. His homage to his favorite singer Eminem was acknowledged by the rapper himself.

These 10 child prodigies of Indian origin make us swell with pride

While most of us spent our entire childhood – and parts of adulthood – laughing at the never-ending  Tom and Jerry chase, there are children who are inventing, replacing calculators, and winning prestigious accolades.

And that such great contributions to the field or arts, science and sports, are done by Indian kids, makes our heart swell with pride.

If you haven’t heard of the 7 year old who performed surgery on another child his age, and many other geniuses alike, swipe on.

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