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Morning Cuppa

Nothing puts a brighter and wider smile on an Indian face like a kadak cup of chai early in the morning, even if you are miles away from home. Yes gurl, we feel you.

These 10 clicks of Sara Tendulkar will make you fall in love with her, all over again.

Cricket fans in India badly needed a distraction to salvage them from the somber sorrow that had clouded their emotions on the day of Sachin Tendelkar’s last match and retirement. And that came in, in the form of a very delightful Sara Tendulkar; in the prime of her teenage, she was golden like the sunshine.

Twitter couldn’t stop gushing over this newly found “National Crush” for days and then things slowed down… or so to say.

There were rumors that the 20 year old may enter the showbiz, but papa Tendulkar rubbished all such rumors. These 10 pictures of Sara Tendulkar, however, will make you wish she entered the filmy landscape sooner than later.