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On an average, this eastern European country sees about 2000 suicides every year. This is an appalling number, given the country’s tiny population. Mostly occurring in rural areas or small towns, the victims in most cases are those who are heavily affected by alcoholism.

10 countries struggling with disturbingly high rates of suicides

The Burari mass suicide incident that claimed 11 lives of a family has left the entire country stunned. Some claim it to be a product of superstition, some say it was a mental aliment, and the authorities are still unsettled.

Standing in 21st century, I will have to brush off the angle of superstition. Nope, no one is getting any Moksha by killing themselves, or any fortune by performing some “water-turning-blue” rituals. And if anyone believes in this concept, he is clearly suffering from mental health issues, and needs urgent medical attention.

Mental health issues have led to numerous suicides around the globe. Compiled from several sources, these are the countries experiencing the maximum number of suicide worldwide.

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