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#105. India

Energy Consumption: 805 kWh per capita I Population 2019: 1,366,417,754

10 countries that use maximum electricity per capita

The world runs on electricity! But some countries consume more than other countries based on various factors such as economic growth, housing and population growth, income growth, and weather, to name a few.

Globally, the largest electricity consuming countries are the People’s Republic of China (25.9%) and the United States (17.5%), who together account for over 40% of global consumption. These are followed by India (5.4%), Japan (4.5%), the Russian Federation (3.6%), Korea (2.4%), Germany (2.4%), Canada (2.4%), Brazil (2.3%), and France (2.0%). In total, the top-ten consuming countries account for more than two-thirds of global electricity consumption.

However, the ranking differs significantly in terms of electricity consumption per capita.

Find out which countries, from among 139 countries, actually consume maximum electricity per capita and see where India stands in that capacity.

Source: World Population Review; Images: Getty

Electricity consumption data is from 2014