10 creepy dolls that will haunt you in your dreams

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10 creepy dolls that will haunt you in your dreams

Something is unsettling about these horror film dolls that lose their allure when inspected closely over an extended length of time. Consider looking at one in dim light to appreciate what I mean. And Hollywood, of course, is fully aware of this. And they've been making films with creepy dolls for decades.

Apart from Annabelle, check out the ten other creepy dolls that have successfully scared the living daylights out of us!


The Pit, from 1981, contains a similar concept to Teddy. But the number of killings is more! Teddy is yet another horror flick revolving around a small child's plush toy. And this creepy toy happens to inspire the unhappy youngster to commit atrocities after discovering a monster-filled pit in the wilderness.

Plantation Dolls

'KKK Comeuppance' follows the campaign of a prejudiced Senate candidate with prior ties to the KKK. And a campaign office is established on one of the ancient plantations' properties. Unfortunately, the land was densely packed with the past founder's figurines and other scary dolls, which were believed to be haunted by former captives' evil spirits and demons.


The term Dolls refers to a 1987 horror film series. A group of visitors is forced to seek shelter at the home of a loving elderly couple after becoming stuck in a rainstorm. Throughout the late afternoon, the dolls awaken and begin attacking and murdering the residence's visitors, motivated by a couple's intention to plunder the home. The true origins and purposes of the dolls for anyone seeking safety in their house are frightening, separating them from those whose sole goal is death and destruction.

Dolly Dearest

Dolly Dearest is a horror film that was released last year in the United States. The story revolves around the protagonist Dolly's evil soul, who can absorb the souls of a few additional dollies, resulting in an attack on the manufacturing plant's new owners. Although the film is primarily a direct-to-video production with limited distribution in the Midwest, it is a must-see for fans of the lethal doll horror genre.

Talky Tina

One of the first deadly dummies to have a cinematic appearance was Rod Serling's legendary television series The Twilight Zone. 'Living Doll' was the fifth season's sixth episode, and it included a diabolical figurine dubbed Talking Tina, who said just one pre-recorded phrase. Telly Savalas appeared in the episode as the target of Talky Tina's fury for attempting to liberate himself from this diabolical doll.


Anthony Hopkins appears in the 1978 horror flick Magic as a failing sorcerer named Corky. He depended on his ventriloquism performance, which he conducted using his aggressive and dreadful dummy, Fats. Corky does seem to have a psychological breakdown in the film, and Fats' persona takes over. Under one of the movie's fatalities, Fats is also bodily utilized as the sledgehammer to kill people!

Billy/Mary Shaw

This horror film is based on the true story of Mary Shaw, a ventriloquist and puppeteer who died and was transformed into a dummy. Later, as the film progresses, it is discovered that the soul of deceased ventriloquist Mary Shaw has already been reproduced as a dummy, which is assumed to be accountable for the movie's homicides and otherworldly occurrences.

Toulon's Puppets

There have been twelve Puppet Master films, in addition to crossovers and a prospective spin-off starring favourite fan Blade. Toulon's puppets, along with Blade, Jester, Pinhead, Leech Woman, and Torch, are undoubtedly the franchise's stars' creepiest performers.

Baby Oopsy Daisy

Demonic Toys, a 1992 novel by David S. Goyer, included a succession of evil dolls, including a murderous jack-in-the-box, a frightening stuffed teddy bear, a fatal action figure robot, and, of course, the killing doll Baby Oopsy Daisy. What could be more distressing than watching a lovely but malevolent doll manipulate a mutilated corpse to create a symbol?

Zuni Doll

The early 1970s saw the introduction of a voodoo doll representing a Zuni (meaning Aboriginal). This doll was a combatant, code-named as "He Who Kills." Although the utilization of the indigenous voodoo doll may appear callous by current standards, the frantic terror of the doll chopping at ankles and feet while shrieking creates a genuinely realistic and homicidal dolly.

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