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A Curtain Headboard

Inspired by the lush rooms in all the movies, a curtain headboard adds an element of luxury and comfort to your bedroom that cannot be replicated with anything else and it’s relatively simple to set up! The Project: All you need to do is place a curtain rod behind your bed and choose out the curtains you’d like to use. Hang the curtains from the rod appropriately and your luxury room is ready!

10 DIY Home Décor Ideas

Something that’s always inspired me is how often the Americans redecorate their house – come a new season, come a festival, come what may; they always have a new set of decorations to spring out! The change in the home interiors may not be major but they do leave the house with a refreshed aura and positive vibes.

Taking inspiration from them, we have come up with 10 Projects that you can undertake to freshen up your interiors every few months, without spending a fortune too!