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Colourful Flower Pots

Fresh flowers are a great addition to any space and liven up the vibe there. They are known to bring positive energy into the atmosphere and add some colour to the room! The Project: Take an empty glass bottle and wash thoroughly. Paint the bottle in a colour of your choice. We recommend using neutral colours to contrast the bright shades of flowers. Decorate the painted surface as you would like. You could use some glitter, dazzles, other ornaments or just anything that’ll make you smile. Pour in some water and place the flowers in your new vase!

10 DIY Projects to Enhance Your Home

It is often said that a person’s surroundings reflect their personality i.e. the way you decorate your room, home, work desk, office space or any place says a lot about you. That’s why, it is very important that you can choose how your surroundings appear at any point during the year.

We’ve come up with a couple of ways to spruce up your home interiors for when you need a change!