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Shah Rukh Khan

He came in with a bear hair, youthful charm, perfect lips and the most adorable set of dimples one can imagine. And now, scores of superhits and many surgeries later, Shah Rukh wishes his fans Happy Diwali in his same spirited way. All these decades of hard work has surely taken a toll on his appearance, he looks a little exhausted also – but hey, the dimples remain, and alone, will do. Mic drop.
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10 of our favorite actors - then and now

They say the industry is way more lenient to its men than its women. They would be romancing ladies across three generations, while the average career-span of an actress in the lead would hardly be 8 to 10 years.

They are not totally wrong, though. Most of our favorite actors today have been in the industry since early 90s and then there are some who have been around since the late 80s – still going strong, people, still going strong.

So let’s see how well have they aged since all these years…err… decades.