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Momos, sometimes called dumplings, are commonly seen in the North Eastern States and Chinese restaurants across India. You can have either chicken or vegetarian momos. The steaming plate with deep red concoction of red chillies and spices on the side can satiate your hunger for the day. Street momos may be unhealthy as they’re made with maida flour, but momos come in other healthy flours too. And cheap too!

10 Healthy Meals You Can Buy Below Rs. 100

Indians are out and out foodies. As far as Indian goodies and delicacies go, you’re simply spoilt for choice. We whip together a list of delicacies to indulge in without having your wallet develop ulcers. Whether you are a student, traveller, or a homemaker, we have something cooking for everyone.

Here’s our pick of 10 healthy meal choices that shouldn’t set you off by more than Rs 100.