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Meet the highest paid television actors in India

Highest paid television actors: Hina Khan, Divyanka, Nakuul, Sanaya-Drashti & others in the list.

Meet the highest paid television actors in India

For aspiring actors to well-known celebrities, television industry has become a source of huge income. Television industry is no less than any other film industries. Although the payment is less compared to the film industry, when the actor become a hit in the television, their demand increase and the production houses might even try to get them on board by offering them big payment. A few actors might even jump to Bollywood or other film industry. Just like film industry, the television actors too work day and night and earn big!

So many might wonder what might be their earning! As per sources, here is the list of top 10 television actors who earn (2018-2019) big in the television industry

– Filmibeat