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Besan Chilla - Besan Chilla is another good breakfast option with gram flour or besan and fresh veggies. Just remember to drizzle as less oil and sprinkle a little salt to keep it health proof. (Image: Instagram)

10 Indian Breakfasts for the Diabetes Capital of the World

As per International Diabetes Federation, in 2017, out of 425 million diabetics in the world 72 million diabetics were reported from India alone. No wonder, India has been often cited as the Diabetes Capital of the World. This condition is like a fast-moving epidemic that is grappling with low and middle-income populations largely. Here’s a list of 10 Indian Breakfasts that are recommended for diabetics as well as pro-diabetics, however, people living sedentary lifestyles must also include these healthy breakfasts in their daily menus to enjoy a diabetes-free life: