10 Indian Instagram accounts that give us urban gardening goals

Gretchen Ferrao-Walker
·4-min read

From tips to nurture a green thumb to interior styling with your plant babies – our plantspirational picks.

1. Stay on trend


This Mumbai-based nursery specialises in indoor plants. Follow to keep tabs on the latest ‘it’ plant. In case you were wondering, it’s the American-origin, variegated-leaved calathea. Design nuts, proceed with caution. Their collection of planters is hard to resist.

2. Get plant schooled


Mumbai-based Ann and her fam are self-confessed gardening geeks. Here is your grow-too guide for crisply presented tips, trivia and videos. Psst, there’s the occasional green giveaway too!

3. Live vicariously


For those of us stuck indoors right now, this grid is a breath of fresh air. Follow Lucknow-based Kopal as she maps the progress of her garden, introducing you to some exotic blooms along the way. Bonus points for her creature features that include doggos and chooks aplenty.

4. Master tiny-space gardening


Mumbai Balcony Gardener, Samiya, proves size is no constraint when driven by passion. She grows vegetables and fruit, like these ridiculously cute spoon tomatoes, all in window boxes with only 3 to 5 hours of daily sunlight. Follow for inspiration on container and vertical gardening, nurturing stingless bee hives, composting and more. Coming up, the much-awaited annual seed sale.

5. Cover the basics


Vinayak is the man behind Delhi’s The Lazy Gardener – an e-shop that offers innovative fertilizer sticks, along with quirky gardening merch. Follow for his videos which cover everything, from how to measure the intensity of sunlight to resurrecting discarded plants.

6. Up your style quotient


The jungalow style is not for everyone. For those who prefer a modern-minimalist aesthetic, Archana’s plant décor game is on point. Taming wild greens within understated home interiors, she shows you how to compose the perfect plant shelfie, colour code corners, decide on trendy planters and most importantly, identify greens that best suit your home’s lighting conditions.

7. Peek into sky gardens


Shraddha turns cookie-cutter, high-rise balconies and terraces into cozy green havens, replete with lounge spots, white picket fences and wall art. Follow for quick makeover ideas.

8. Get your floral fix


Floral jewellery, seed-bomb party favors, bridal bouquets, fairy gardens… wedding floral designer Noora’s feed is thriving with colour and fun DIY ideas. Her pressed flower art tutorials are quite the rage right now.

9. For moral support


Budding gardener Manmayee is cultivating her home jungle and encourages followers to learn along the way. Follow for her daily plant journal, which often includes engaging questions.

10. For plant-friendly décor ideas


A mountain girl at heart, Swati Noida apartment is a celebration of her outdoorsy spirit. Follow for rustic-chic decor ideas, enlivened by sprightly greens.

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