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1. Know that the best time to invest was 20 years ago. And now.

Time is money and the sooner you invest the sooner you start saving and growing your wealth. Interest rate compound and can magnify your gains, so starting today can give you an edge over your colleagues.

10 investment tips for millennials

Saving money while in your 20s might seem like an impossible task. You’re likely in your first or second job and your salary is laughably low. You just about get to the end of the month with a zero balance in your account and wait for the calendar page to turn. Sure you’ve earned your freedom after years of studying and your first instinct is to blow away your entire salary but saving in your 20s is also the best thing you’d do for yourself. Especially when you look back as you turn 30. But how exactly do you do it? Conveniently, we got Surya Phadke, Founder & MD of QualeMagni to tell us.