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A Chic Leather Belt

Accessories are as important for men as they are for women. Having a well-made leather belt is absolutely essential for men because it almost always shows clearly when formals are tucked in. A well-worn, well-made leather belt is a go-to for any jean/pant combination and adds the finishing touch to a well-groomed appearance! PS: Black and Brown are the go-to colours for a great belt.

10 Items Every Man Must Own

Everyone talks about the items a woman must own and wear the items you must keep at home and the items you must find at your work place, but few people openly discuss the must-haves when it comes to men. This may be due to the general ideology that floats around claiming that men are indifferent to Fashion. And as true as this may seem to be, it is in fact not. Men are as fashion-oriented as women and need to put in the same amount of effort in order to come off as effortlessly stylish as a girl preparing for her dinner date does!

We’ve curated a list of must-haves for you men to always look so effortlessly stylish and have girls fawning over your looks!