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Sharara Sharara from Mere Yaar ki Shaadi Hai

Shamita Shetty was introduced to Bollywood by YRF banner in early 2000s and she did enjoy a short yet commendable acting career. But if you will, you may check her out seducing Jimmy Shergill and giving the main actress Tulip Joshi some serious grief.

10 lead actresses who turned into 'item girls' to cast magic

Music and dance have been an inevitable part of Indian movies since its very inception. Though in yesteryears the major numbers were performed by special dancers like Helen, the term item girl was not coined until Malaika Arora climbed up the roof of a moving train and gave us all the feels.

The industry has seen many ‘item girls’ since and the tunes they grooved on lit up many night clubs. This must not dissuade you from the edge our main stream actress command over the craft.

Check out 10 Bollywood actress who turned ‘Item girl’ for a change and nailed it.