10 makeup mistakes to avoid

Struggling in front of the mirror and still not satisfied with your look? These are the common blunders that could be messing it up.

1. Applying makeup on dry skin
Your makeup needs a solid foundation and that’s a well-moisturised, hydrated face. Applying makeup when your skin is dry will make it look dull, flaky, and cracked. Product is also more likely to settle into your pores, clogging them and leading it further issues. Plus you won’t be able to apply your makeup properly, giving your skin an uneven skin tone. So avoid doing this at all cost.
Photograph: jcomp /freepik.com

2. Skipping primer
You might have spent a lot of time perfecting your makeup look, but all of that will come to naught in the heat of the day unless you use a primer. Use a primer to keep your makeup in place for a longer period, so that you’re always photo ready. The same goes for eyeshadow primer, especially if you’re stepping out for a night of dancing.
Photograph: pressfoto /freepik.com

3. Choosing a light foundation
This is a mistake a lot of us with dusky skin make. In a country obsessed with fair skin, we’re tempted to go a little lighter than needed when it comes to foundation. But it’s time to highlight our natural skin tone and let our radiance shine through. Also, your face will have a white or grey cast if you apply a lighter shade of foundation. By choosing a shade that’s different from your natural skin tone you’re making your face look mismatched from the rest of your body. This will be most noticeable in the difference in colour between the face and neck.
Photograph: freepik.com

4. Poorly blended eyeshadow
Applying eyeshadow can take a bit of time to master. Here’s the first rule of thumb you have to follow—blend, blend, blend. The lighter shade goes on the eyelids and darker shade towards the outer corners. Now both should be blended together well, so that there are no harsh lines visible. Any disconnect between the two will show up and put all your effort to waste. Also make it a point to blend the outer edges of the eyeshadow, going upwards towards the eyebrows. We tend to leave a harsh line there as well.
Photograph: freepik.com

5. Curling lashes in the wrong sequence
Eyelash curlers can give the illusion of bigger eyes by curling your lashes upwards. They also make your lashes look fuller and thicker, and are a great tool to have in your beauty kit. But a curler should be used before applying mascara and eyeliner, not after. Using an eyelash curler after applying mascara will create kinks and strain the lashes. The mascara can stick to the curler and pull your lashes causing them to break or get pulled. So get the order right.
Photograph: freepik.com

6. Going overboard with the brows
With the amazing number of brow products now available in the market, one can get carried away some times. Your eyebrow colour should be roughly two shades darker than your hair colour. Anything more and they won’t look natural. Also, defined dark brows can look a bit overwhelming for the day. So we suggest a light hand. Use an eyebrow pencil, powder or gel that’s a little bit darker than your natural shade. Fill in the empty spaces gently. Remember the eyebrow area near your nose is naturally sparse; so don’t go heavy-handed here. Avoid creating a rectangular shape for your brows.
Photograph: freepik.com

7. Overdoing mascara on the lower lashes
Mascara is a great way to accentuate your eyes and amp up the dramatic nature of your gaze. However, too much mascara can make them look extremely clumpy and unnatural. More importantly, extra mascara on your lower lashes draws attention to the skin under your eyes and the wrinkles hiding there. Even small wrinkles will stand out with the attended attention.
Photograph: nettart/ Instagram

8. Overlining your lips
Sure you want a bigger, fuller pout. But making the mistake of overdrawing the line will give you a pout that’s a little too OTT. Pick a lip liner that’s close to the natural colour of your lips and draw your natural lip line. Then use small strokes to overline them just a little bit. The idea is to build the size gradually without creating any harsh lines. Once your outline is done fill in your lips with lipstick of your choice. Blend the outline and lipstick together so that you aren’t left with an obvious border.
Photograph: shesgoldaf/Instagram

9. Having more than one bold feature
Too many bold elements on your face can ruin a beauty look. If you’re glamming up your eyes with kohl, tons of eyeshadow and mascara, then go easy on the lips (we recommend a neutral or nude colour). Remember it’s an either or situation; you can’t go gung-ho on both. If you’re going for bold lips and making them the centre of attention, then keep the eyes natural. Too many bold elements on your face will look jarring and harsh.
Photograph: beautyunderstated /Instagram

10. Not removing makeup at night
This one is a big no-no. Sleeping with your makeup on can have a deep impact on your skin. The makeup will cake on your face, wedging deeper into your pores and clog them, leading to breakouts and other skin issues. Not removing mascara can irritate the eyes and in some cases cause inflammation and styes.
Photograph: byvaleriaduran / Instagram

Lead photograph: jcomp /freepik.com