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Bindi/ Pottu

The mesmerising coloured dot worn on the center of the forehead, commonly by Hindu and Jain women. The bindi or pottu finds its origins in the Rigveda (Hindu sacred texts). ‘Bindu’ is considered the point at which creation begins and may become unity. It is also described as the sacred symbol of the cosmos in its unmanifested state. Traditionally, the area between the eyebrows (where the ‘bindi’ is placed) is said to be the sixth chakra, ‘ajna’, the seat of ‘concealed wisdom’. The bindi is said to retain energy and strengthen concentration. It also represents the third eye. One simple interpretation it is a cosmetic mark used to enhance beauty. In Hinduism, colour red represents honour, love and prosperity, hence it was worn to symbolise these aspects. In meditation, this very spot between the eyebrows is where one focuses his/her sight, so that it helps concentration. The bindi is also normally worn by married women.

10 mesmerising things unique to India

World over India is perceived as a nation that is unique in more ways than one. It is also seen as a seat of spirituality. Throughout history, many explorers have visited this land in their quest for knowledge. Modern travellers, too, are keeping that tradition alive and come seeking a piece of these treasures.

But some practices in India lend a new meaning to words such as ‘mesmerising’. Here are 10 such enchanting things about India that are truly unique and enthralling: