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Many were of the view that Jeet was a remake of the 70s hit Mukaddar ka Sikkander. It had a timid girl fall passionately in love with a bad boy, corrects his ways, and gets forced into a marriage against her wishes. The good husband, however, makes it tough for her to resist him.

10 movies that prove 'First Love' is overrated

Pehla Pyar has been given more due in poetry, prose and other forms of artistic expression - movies included - than it deserves.

We are gearing up to celebrate the day of love, but are we all celebrating the day with our... ‘first love’... so to day? Love is not a race. First, second.... the time of arrival doesn’t matter as long as love arrives to stay.

And because Bollywood shapes many of our views, here are 10 Bollywood movies that seal the fact that supremacy of first love is myth.