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All About My Mother: Spain

Director Pedro Almodóvar has often experimented with the subject of motherhood and produced cinematic gems; All About My Mother is one such precious and timeless beauty. A spellbinding drama on maternal desires and loss, the film takes you to a mother who witnesses the death of her 17-year-old son, tries to preserve him by having his heart transplanted to a patient at the hospital she works in, embarks on a journey to meet the transgender women who had once unknowingly fathered her now dead son, and imbibes life through the many intricate layers it unravels gradually.

10 must-watch films of World Cinema to keep yourself entertained during lockdown

An average Indian cinema-lover can’t be expected to know who is a Djibril Diop Mambety of Senegal or how effusively Jitka Bendová of Czechoslovakia expresses emotions.

Yet, we encourage the average cine-goer, splitting his hair out of boredom during the lock-down to explore these non-Indian and non-English films of World Cinema for their content and artistry. Cinema, more than often, serves as a prelude to lives of alien lands. What better way of using these extra time given back to you than opening a new window and taking a fresh view of lives we have never lived, enjoy cultures we know nothing of.