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Mahatma Gandhi's Famous Quote

Over the years, people have used Mahatma Gandhi and his sayings as a way to reach out to the world. While most of his teachings have helped shape societies across the world, there is one in particular that stands out - for the wrong reasons. "An eye for an eye would leave the whole world blind" was believed to have been spoken by Gandhi himself, but in reality, it was only used by Ben Kingsley, the actor who played the iconic figure, in the Gandhi film. The line was never really spoken by Mahatma Gandhi and was never recorded in his works.

10 of the Biggest Lies That Had India Fooled

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Every country, whether big or small, has its own stories that have been passed down from generation to generation and have often gone down as the biggest moments in history. While most of these "tales" have been proved to be true, there are more than a handful that find their origin in man-made rumours. Here are 10 such examples that had the country of India fooled for decades - until now.