A 10-year-old’s film on parents’ divorce is a reminder of how deeply it affects children

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It is recommended that parents work out a way to amicably co-parent the child. (Source: Getty Images)

As a 10-year-old girl, Victoria Valle Remond had a hard time dealing with her parents' divorce. To cope with it, she channelled her sadness into a film project titled A Shattered Relationship, as reported by Independent.

Remond, now 17, shared the film trailer on Twitter recently, which is now being lauded by netizens. The trailer gives glimpses of the parents' relationship, from being a happy family to falling apart. Watch the video:

In a follow-up tweet, Remond added, "If i had access to a therapist they would've had a field day." She then wrote, "...but honestly what are u gonna do with trauma except laugh about it tbh."


Researchers have concluded that parental discord has a harmful impact on children's mental health. Negative outcomes are seen more so if the child feels lack of love and security when divorces are not handled well. Experts say some children may end up blaming themselves for the divorce or accuse one parent.

Parents, if getting divorced, need to be extra cautious about the message they are conveying to their child. Your child needs a lot of support during the time. Watch out for warning signs in your child like any kind of withdrawal, aggressive behaviour, self-harm, difficulty in sleep and so on.

It is recommended that parents work out a way to amicably co-parent the child, for which they need to keep away their ego and disagreements aside and focus primarily on the child's wellbeing.

Here's how netizens reacted to the film: