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Mukaddar ka Sikandar

So what if the surviving hero gets to keep the heroine, Big B’s death scenes always steal his thunder, like in this scene from Mukaddar ka Sikandar. No offence, but who even remembers what Rakhi or Vinod Khanna were doing during the final minutes of the movie; everyone was invested in Amitabh Bachchan’s captivating performance.

These 10 overwhelming death scenes from Bollywood will stay immortal in our memories

Romance, fights, deaths – everything is highly dramatized in Bollywood. So much, that at times, they may prove taxing for the viewer, and leave a lasting impression on their minds, long after the movie is over.

Today we will discuss 10 such death scenes that have driven us to tears over and over again, and have clouded our emotions for the entire evening, if not the enter weekend.