10 period dramas to binge-watch over the weekend

Arpita Chatterjee
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10 period dramas to binge-watch over the weekend

Extravagant outfits, scenic locations, battles, insightful emotion, upper-class setup, and scenes bigger than life.

Unless you're a lover of historical dramas, cataloguing the same content is really for you. Remain entertained for the entire weekend with the collection of 10-period drama shows to binge-watch.

The Crown

In the first two seasons, based on Queen Elizabeth's life, Claire Foy would assume Queen Elizabeth II. Season 3, Olivia Colman substitute Foy.


This tv series has four seasons, inspired by Spartacus, the commander of the Gladiatorial War (7371 BCE) against Rome. During the first two seasons, Andy Whitfield played the protagonist part. Throughout the later seasons, Liam McIntyre substitutes him.

Rise of Empires: Ottoman

Trying to highlight the series are all the adrenaline-pumping battle scenes - Rise of the Empires: the Ottoman takes us all to the life of Sultan Mehmed II, the Ottoman, who, since demanding the lordship, begins a war to break down Constantinople's walls.


The display brings viewers directly into another life of the monarch. It explores the difficulties she encounters to maintain her rule, centred mostly on the life of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland. As in the lead role, the cast includes Adelaide Kane, which has four seasons.


Fierce, strong, the Vikings show takes its inspiration from tales of the legendary Norse leader, Ragnar Lothbrok. Ragnar, his spouse Lagertha, and other significant personalities are presented to us in Season 1, including his sibling Rollo, buddy Floki and elder son Bjorn.

Medici: The Magnificent

The drama is focused on the lives of Italy's powerful Medici family. The first season of the series brings us back to Europe in the 15th century, to the life of a prosperous banker residing in Florence, Giovanni de 'Medici.


The series follows the Templar Knights of the Middle Ages storey, who were charged with preserving sacred Christian relics. In season 1, events compel the Templar Knights to take up their weapons again after killing one of their members.


Based on the era when King Louis XIV ruled France, the display brings viewers straight through the king's palace. He came up with a scheme to push everyone through compliance when his subjects start flouting him. George Blagden's iconic Vikings play the leading role in the series.

The Last Kingdom

Uhtred was born as a Saxon but trained to become a brutal warrior by the Vikings. As he tries to assert his birth-right by fighting a war against Alfred the Great in this epic historical fiction display, watch his adventurous ride. Insignificant roles, The Last Kingdom stars Alexander Dreymon, Emily Cox and David Dawson.


Evolved mostly from fantasy-romance book series of the same name by Diana Gabaldon, the series tells the tale of two lovers from opposite ages, Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser. All five seasons of the show promise fun with warp drive, love, tropical places or whatnot.

Which one are you aiming for when you have the catalogue? Grab your popcorn and switch back to the screen fast!