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Shilpa Shetty

We are going to start this list with the gorgeous, manifestation of yummy mummy who tied the knot with London based business tycoon in 2009. The expanse of Kundra’s empire is spread across Europe, India and the Middle East. If you are to believe the grapevine, the expert businessman makes about 100 million dollars every year.

10 Richest Husbands of Bollywood Actresses That Stink of Hard Cash

Fame attracts fame, and riches gravitate towards riches. The wealth at the disposal of Bollywood actresses is beyond imagination of the middle class salaried people like you and I. But the treasure placed at the feet of such goddesses when opulent businessmen, captivated in their charm, offer them their hearts are unreal.

Not many Bollywood Cindrella stories translate to reality, but when they do, the princesses of screens do land into a kingdom of their own.

Let’s count today, 10 Bollywood heroines that secured the richest husbands.