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How To Make Conversation With Strangers

Yes, we grew up hearing about “Stranger Danger” and therefore avoid conversing with them entirely. However, once we grow a little older, it becomes essential to know how to converse with new people and make friends. Conversing with strangers becomes integral when you start travelling and need directions, suggestions or more. Entering the real world, we must learn how to balance between “Stranger Danger” that we learned about and the need for being able to converse with strangers in various social scenarios. The learning process could cover topics to discuss, details not to be revealed, ideal behaviour, some red flags and more.

10 Skills That Should Be Taught In Schools

Growing up, everyone tells us that we should pay attention in school because what we learn there stays with us for the rest of our lives. When I graduated from school, I knew what school had taught me but when I entered the real world, I realised that there were so many essential skills that school never focused on. These are skills everyone expects you to have whether or not you have had a chance to develop them. So we have curated here a list of basic skills for you to adopt as early as you can in order to survive life post-school without too much difficulty!