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Red Velvet French Toast

Nothing says love like a plate of red French Toast with the combined deliciousness of eggs buttermilk, nutmeg and mouthwatering flavor of cinnamon and cocoa. With ingredients readily available at every kitchen, even the most uninitiated chef could prepare a plate of yumilicious Red Velvet French Toast in no time.

10 super easy dishes you could make for your sweetheart this February 14th!

Pretty sure you already have your restaurant tables reserved. But for those who are still looking at options and ideas to make this Valentine’s Day memorable, we say, ditch the idea of going out in the crowd.

Spend one whole day in each other’s company in the warmth of your own little palace. Share a cuppa at that corner which has been catching dust since past Diwali. Switch roles. Prepare a little meal together and serve with love.

Here are 10 super easy dishes you could make for your special someone this V’day. Even the gentlemen could try and surprise their queens.

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