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Growing up, I’d always heard of the benefits of Almonds for boosting brain power but a little research has gone further to show me that Almonds are super foods for weight loss as well. They are rich in essential nutrients, minerals, proteins and fibre, which contributes towards its ability to leave you feeling full. Almonds are also rich in mono-saturated fats, vitamin C and zinc, which are beneficial for Health.

10 Super Foods For Weight Loss

Weight Loss is a tough challenge to conquer for most of us. This may be due to the fact that your weight loss challenge is impacted by varied factors such as the amount of Physical Activity you undertake, your Body Metabolism Rate, body type, medical conditions, your diet, your lifestyle and others!

However when it comes to setting up a dietary regime, most of us consider cannot handle the thought of giving up our beloved lattes, desserts and junk foods! For those of you who find the thought of such drastic changes unbearable, we’ve come up with a list of 10 super foods to include in your diet that will aid your weight loss efforts! Taking small steps forwards is more progress than we give ourselves credit for.