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Dil to Pagal hai

Now I was too young to comprehend the complications of this love story back in 1997, but today, I have to shame the generation that made this one a blockbuster. Why would people deliberately complicate things by avoiding simple confrontations is beyond me. Just tell “I love you” if you love someone, “No” if you don’t wanna marry someone, and move on if your love is unrequited. It’s really that simple. But how would the Chopras make their millions then?

Would these 10 super hit movies from the 90s fare well even today? I say, no. Your thoughts?

We showered these movies with all the love on earth. But that was wayyyy back in the 90s. Now two decades hence, we have had a complete change of perception, likes and dislikes when it comes to entertainment. Needless to say our generation has grown closer to logic and are more pragmatic than the emotional generation preceding us.

So, I often wonder, if any of these 90s blockbusters would be successful at the box office if they were to release today.