10 Things You Probably Missed In Salman Khan’s ‘Race 3’ Trailer

The trailer of Race 3 is out and nothing in it makes any sense. This sequel of desi ‘Fast and Furious’ stars all the forgotten faces of Bollywood along with janta’s favourite, Salman Khan.

It’s no secret that a film with THE Bhaijaan needs nothing more to be a blockbuster, not even logic. But, just for fun, let’s take a look at some of the magic that happens only in Sallu bhai’s films.

We watched the already slo-mo trailer in some more slo-mo to find these gems.

Watch or read the story below... like Bhai says, “Do whatever you want to do, man”.

Balance It Like Bhai

Of course, we know all about Bhai’s stable life and it’s great to see how he brings that balance to his films too.

Gun in one hand, bike in the other... and nothing to fear!

Only Bhai can do this.

Shattering Logic

Now, that’s one helluva kick. The glass breaks even before the man touches it. Let’s not start the speed and force discussion here, please?

Kick it like Daisy.

Woah! Bhai Finally Tried

Three minutes into the trailer, you finally see some expressions on Bhaijaan’s face. That constipated look while lifting the missile launcher will make all Bhai fans hit the gym NOW!

That’s a missile launcher, sir... Not that thing you lift in the gym. 

Ek Se Bhale Do

So, I can break this down for you.

  • You see a car approaching Bhai.
  • Bhai shakes the tin ka dabba in his hand just once and two missiles are launched
  • They hit bang on the target.

But, where did the second car come from?


Never question what Bhai does.

Up in the Air Action

Notice how the car goes up in the air even before it hits the branch of the tree? I like the synchronised flying of the car and bikes, what a visual delight for Bhai fans!

Notice the third guy in the middle? Where did he even come from?

No Continuity + No Logic = Blockbuster, Ekdum Jhakaas!

Bhai ki film hai, someone must go ‘missing’.

The ‘Missing’ Bodyguard.

Twirling to Victory

Yes, you don’t need to kick. A twirl does the job if it’s a Remo D’Souza film.

She ‘kick’ed enough in her last film with Bhaijaan anyway.

Bhai Calling the Shots.

Of course, Bhai ka nishana hai, chukega nahi. But, why is this man flying in the air?

What a shot. 

What Just Happened?

So, Saqib shoots in both the directions and in the next shot, the cars are way ahead and then they... Sorry, nobody can explain this.

Cars gotta fly. 

So Much Star Power in One Frame... We Can't Handle It!

That’s the guy who financed the movie with all the people he continues to give a chance, film after film. Why is Anil Kapoor in this frame? Why?

(L-R: Saqib Saleem aka Huma ka Bhai, Jacqueline Fernandes aka the girl with chittiyan kalaiyaan, Salman Khan aka the do-gooder, Anil Kapoor aka the best talent here, Daisy Shah - that’s her name and that’s all we know, Bobby Deol... naam toh suna hoga?)

The Bhai club.

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