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Ranveer Singh in Padmavat

A character that is not just a fragment of a movie maker’s imagination, but has a special place reserved in history for all the wrong reasons, was not an easy one to play, let alone making him desirable to the cine-goers. Kudos to Ranveer Singh for making the impossible possible, for when the average audience walked out of the halls after watching ‘Padmavat’, he was smeared in the illusion of Khilji.

10 times we fell for the anti-hero pressing the 'ignore' button on the protagonist

He is good looking, intelligent, and beats up the villain single-handedly like a superhero, hence, the male protagonist in Hindi cinema has it really easy to woo his audience, young men want to emulate him and young women want to romance him often.

And then the table gets turned on him when the villain takes over, when the antagonist has the viewer sympathize with him and ignore the hero as though he doesn’t even exist.

Here are 10 such occurrences when you loved the bad boy in Hindi cinema forgetting the hero even exists.