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Recently, while the entire world of music mourned Prince’s death, Justin made sure to hog the limelight. Songwriter/Singer Andrew Watt paid tribute to the ‘Purple Rain’ singer on Instagram stating, “Today waking up to this news I am truly beside myself…devastated…the last of the greatest living performers…my guitar idol”.  Somehow this didn’t sit well with the 22 year old pop star, who responded to the post, commenting, “Well not the last greatest living performer”. Wonder who he was talking about?

10 Times Justin Bieber Voluntarily Offered Fuel to Haters

So, I never thought I would ever like a Justin Bieber song (mostly, because I have crossed the age of liking what Justin says, does or sings for that matter, and also because it is a fond belief that dumb girls drool over him, and I like to believe that I am the smart one), but after hearing ‘Love Yourself’, quite surprisingly, I find myself really liking the Canadian singer, though not ‘fan girling’ per say. But I guess, just singing ‘Sorry’ won’t be enough for the Biebs to redeem himself for all the inflammable materials he has been providing to the haters since ages, igniting quite some hate among those who could have been a part of his fan base, had he acted smartly. Let’s check out the 10 times Justin Bieber was a total Idiot.