10 tips for a kid-friendly New Year’s Eve that’s also fun for parents

new year eve, new year celebration

Happy New Year 2020 (Source: Getty Images)

Isn't an adults-only New Year's eve quite overrated? Well, you realise that once you have kids. Celebrating new year with kids can be way more fun and remind you of your childhood. Here are 10 tips to enjoy family time this new year:

1. Cook a great meal

new year eve, new year celebration

Plan a festive meal. (Source: Getty Images)

No celebration can start without good food. Instead of ordering, you can cook some delicious snacks and appetisers like toasts, pizza, soup, or dinner that your kids may love. You can also prepare or get some mocktails for a festive feel.

2. Family resolution tree

new year eve, new year celebration

What are your resolutions for the next year? (Source: Getty Images)

While New Year is all about making resolutions for the coming year, you can involve your kids too, and make a resolution tree that would remind each member of theirs to follow. Your kids' resolutions may include: eating healthy, learning to share and spending more family time together.

3. Countdown bags to open every hour

Make a bunch of small bags filled with different snacks and goodies to open up at every hour mark leading up to midnight. You can make as many bags as you want depending on how early you want to start opening it. Some ideas for fillers may be candies, craft kits, gifts or activity tags such as: watch a movie, eat ice cream, play a game, make necklaces using beads and stings etc.

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This would be a fun thing to do with kids as well as friends and special ones and keeps the night interesting as you always have something to look forward to while waiting for the ball to drop!

4. Game night

new year eve, new year celebration

Play board games with your family. (Source: Getty Images)

Not just your kids, but playing games can keep you creatively engaged as well. Games such as tambola, musical chairs and playing cards are the most popular ones among both children and adults. Also, you won't realise when the clock strikes 12.

5. Photo booth

Setting up a photo booth can be interesting and enjoyable while clicking pictures. You can select a small area and decorate it in a specific theme, it may be funny or simply related to the new year. Using props will make it additionally attractive as well as memorable.

6. Confetti

Confetti gives you a full-on festive mood. You can either help children with coloured-paper cutting and stuffing it into balloons or else buy confetti from the local market and throw it while countdown begins or at midnight.

7. Personal time capsules

Time capsules for the year ahead become a really special and creative way to take a look back at all the goodness of the past year.

Adults and kids alike will love this creative way to look back at the highlights of the past year. with inexpensive craft boxes. Create a simple questionnaire that each person can fill out. Then, use festive stickers and letters to decorate the time capsules.

8. Movie marathon

new year eve, new year celebration

Watch a movie with your kids. (Source: Getty Images)

Spend time watching your favourite movies together, or the movies you somehow missed but were on your list. Welcome the coming year with a completed movie list. A family movie can make for a great bonding exercise.

9. Do an indoor camping night

new year eve, new year celebration

Indoor camping (Source: Getty Images)

Set up small tent houses inside the room, and ask the kids to imagine that they are spending the night under the starry sky. Tell them the stories of how the year went by and what you want the new year to be like. This activity definitely has the potential to be a lot of fun as well as emotionally connecting!

10. Have a dance party

new year eve, new year celebration

Host a dance party. (Source: Getty Images)

Set a theme for your dance party, organise all chairs and leave ample of space in the middle of room for the kids to dance, turn your living room into a club and hire an RJ or become one, make your own song mixes. Make the kids feel grown-up by organising a proper dance party for them. No matter what theme you choose, this is one party where even the adults could join in and enjoy to the fullest.