10 Ways to Celebrate Independence Day

10 Ways to Celebrate Independence Day

With 15th August 2019 turning out to be a long weekend, everyone’s already looking forward to different ways to celebrate the mini-vacation and India’s Independence Day simultaneously! We’ve come up with a list of activities to consider for the weekend.

Plan a trip

The most common choice opted for by people across the world, a small trip is the ideal way to spend your long weekend. You’ll come back feeling refreshed and energetic. You can choose places close by and travel with friends, family, a significant other or any combination of these!

Attend a flag-hoisting ceremony

Not all of us are fortunate enough to find ourselves in the city of Delhi on 15th August, but we are fortunate enough to belong to a nation where Independence Day is celebrated with as much patriotism and love in other cities, as it is in Delhi. Find a school, college, office, society or any other place nearby that’s hosting a flag hoisting event and enrol yourself to attend. You’ll enjoy yourself tremendously and once again, find yourself feeling the pride of being an Indian national.

Watch patriotic movies

Weekends tend to bring out the laziest side of us, further enabled by the contributions of Amazon Prime and Netflix. If you’re opting to spend your Independence Day snuggled up in your bed, we’ve got some movie suggestions for you! Watch patriotic movies such as Rang De Basanti, Mother India, Raazi, Lagaan, Mangal Pandey – The Uprising, Border and more.

Listen to patriotic songs

Spend the day humming along with tunes that sing praises for our nation and explore its culture and diversity. Put together a playlist, chuck your to-do list aside, brew yourself some tea and enjoy the peace and calm that this music brings to your soul. Our playlist includes songs such as ‘Yeh Des Hai Tera’, ‘Maa Tujhe Salaam’ and more.

Visit historic monuments

What better way to celebrate Independence Day than visiting the places which tell us stories of our nation’s past!? Spend time to go visit historic monuments in your city and learn more about their history. It’ll leave you knowing more about the past, feeling closer to the nation and obviously with lots more pictures to post on Instagram!

Make tri-coloured dishes

There’s nothing like food when it comes to expressing your emotions and patriotism is no exception! Put on your chef hat, get the ingredients and try and make some tri-coloured dishes for the occasion. You could make cakes, cupcakes, brownies, biscuits and any other foods you can manage! Serve them up to your family and friends and enjoy the Day together.

Wear tri-coloured outfits

Colour coordinating outfits has long been a passion of women and there is no better time to put it to use than on Independence Day. Spend the day dressed in an outfit containing the colours of our Flag and encourage your family and friends to join you! You could host a gathering with this theme and celebrate the day with your loved ones!

Meet the families of our nation’s soldiers

While we spend our time with loved ones, sleeping, working or living a routine life, ‘India’s Jawaans’ are standing guard at the borders of our nation to ensure our safety. It is because of them we can close our eyes and go to bed without worrying about our safety. These ‘Jawaans’ stay away from their families and sacrifice so much more so we can sleep sound. They deserve the Nation’s respect and so do their families. Visit their families and express your admiration for the families, giving them the true recognition they deserve.

Organise an essay-writing competition

Before you conclude that is a juvenile activity, give it a shot. Challenge yourself and those around you to write about the Nation’s history from various perspectives. Spend time researching the history, culture and events in Indian History and forming your own perspective on the same. It’ll leave you much more knowledgeable than when you started and with much more perspective.

Organise a plantation drive

Mother India has always been known for her lush pastures and rich scenery. In the last few years, we’ve observed increasing awareness of Global Warming due to exorbitant deforestation. Spend the day helping the Nation by planting trees with friends and families and all those who are interested. Not only is it going to give our Nation the natural beauty she is known to possess, it’ll also help tackle Global Warming!