10 Ways to Repurpose Old Items at Home

10 Ways to Repurpose Old Items at Home

Not everyone can afford to change their interiors as frequently as they like or fill their house with the latest pieces in the Interiors Magazines but that doesn’t mean we all don’t deserve to enjoy a lovely ambience that meets our moods and pleases the heart. The Americans had this figured out long before us Indians and they came around with what is known as DIY Projects (i.e. Do It Yourself Projects).

DIY Projects help you create something beautiful out of articles that you’ll probably be throwing away have lying around at home or can buy at the super market at cheaper rates.

We’ve personally tried out and used DIY Projects to enhance the interiors of our house and come up with a list so you guys can get in on the fun too!

The Flower Vase

One of the easiest projects to undertake, a Flower Vase always adds some liveliness and colour to the room. All you need is some flowers and a glass bottle. (A bottle could be a throwaway bottle of wine or some alcohol or an empty jar you can’t find contents for).

How to Do It: Take the empty bottle and wash thoroughly. Pour in some water if you’re planning to use fresh flowers or use pebbles, sand, etc. in case you’re planning to fill it with fake flowers. Place the flowers in your new vase and place the vase on your table, bedside or anywhere you like!

The Fairy Light Jar

Another simple project that’ll help set the mood for relaxation; the fairy light jar is a great project to indulge in. All you require is an empty mason jar and a string of Fairy Lights (battery based).

How to Do It: Clean the jar and ensure it is dry from inside. Confirm that the jar material can be subjected to heat without any adverse effects. Place the fairy lights string in the jar in layered coils and keep. Switch off the lights in your room and turn on the fairy lights. Enjoy your own romantic ambience without the hassle of candles!

Firefly Jar (aka Glow Jar)

Capture the beauty of fireflies in your space without engaging in the outdoor activities required to spot them! This project again won’t take you more than 10 minutes and will leave you feeling like you’re living in a fairy-tale!

How to Do It: Take an empty mason jar. Cut open a glow stick in it and pour the contents. Add some diamond glitter. Seal the top with a lid and shake the contents well. Sit back and enjoy your personal fairy dust/ firefly magical jar in a dim-lit or dark room!

Framed Chalkboard Signs

Another easy yet gorgeous project, the Framed Chalkboard Signs are a graceful and practical addition to your home interiors. Not only does it look elegant but you can leave messages or inspiring quotes on there too!

How to Do It: All you need is an inexpensive frame and a small chalkboard that can be fit into the frame. Paint the frame and then paint the glass using chalkboard paint. Combine the two and your wall hanging is ready to go!

Letter Bottles

A project to keep you in line with the latest decorations in the market but way cheaper and easier to accomplish; the Letter Bottle is based on the trend of items displayed with Single Word Messages on a plain surface.

How to Do It: All you need is a mason jar, some paint and a hot glue gun.

Take the jar, clean it and place it. Choose the word, alphabets or message you want to inscribe on it. Take the hot glue gun and outline the message (e.g. Hope, Peace, Happiness, etc) on the surface of the jar. Leave this to dry completely. Once it has dried completely, you can paint the jar any colour you like and decorate it with some glitter too!

Classic Flower Pots

A project that won’t take more than 10 minutes to execute but will leave your house with a royal finish! It’s a great idea, especially for those of you with many plants in your home.

How To Do It: Purchase a metallic (we recommend gold) spray paint and use it to spray paint your ordinary flower pots. Leave the pots to dry overnight and your Golden Garden is ready!

A Curtain Headboard

An addition that might involve spending a little time shopping but definitely worth the effort, a curtain headboard adds lushness and comfort to your bedroom vibes and leaves you wanting to come back sooner every day.

How to Do It: All you need to do is place a curtain rod behind your bed and choose out the curtains you’d like to use. Hang the curtains from the rod appropriately and your luxury room is ready!

Mosaic CD Mirror

In our opinion, the Mosaic CD Mirror is a great way to add some glitter and glam to your surroundings.

How to Do It: All you need is some old CDs that you don’t mind destroying, glue and a mirror. Take the mirror and glue the broken CD pieces around the frame. Let the glue dry out and your mirror is ready for use. You can use different types of CDs to get an appearance of different colours!

A Me-Nook

We all need a beautiful place to go to sometimes, one we can call our own. Even though the room we stay in could be counted as our space, sometimes it fails to bring the solace we seek. We’ve come up with a way for you to create this space for yourself, in your very own room!

How to Do It: All you need is a curved curtain rod, some cheap curtains, comfy cushions and a soft quilt. Hang the curtains in one of the corners of the room (a couple of feet away from the wall), ensuring that the corner is otherwise free and not crammed with your belongings. Place the cushions and quilts on the floor between the wall and the curtains. Keep inside it all your comfort materials and you have your very own Narnia in the room!

A Personalized Picture Wall

An idea that’s been floating around on Instagram and Pinterest extensively, a personalised wall is a great way to cover up boring wall space without shelling out too much money!

How to Do It: Locate an empty space on the wall that you’d like to fill. Print out pictures of you, your loved ones, things that make you happy and things that inspire you. Place all of them on the wall and enjoy your new view!