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Savi – Hasratein

Only those who have religiously watched Hasratein, would be in a place to judge Savi’s character, others might just shame her. By no means are we trying to make extra-marital affairs mainstream or acceptable, but Savi was beyond a mere affair. She was one who managed work and home skillfully – much like most us. What makes her larger than us is her decision to break out of a loveless marriage – an step not many of us can brave.

10 women in Indian television that were way ahead of their time - sans jhumka - kangan

Long before the storm of gawdy sarees had hit the television screen, long before the ever-distressed protagonist would adorn herself in 1 kg sindoor, 5 kgs of gold, and multiple layers of make-up while bawling her eyes out to the deity, long before the bad girls made husband-snatching their only career choice, Indian television had some really promising dreams to sell to middle class Indian women.

While the 2018 heroines turn into house flies, get coaxed into marrying 7 year old kids – which, to me, is borderline pedophilia – our big fat television screens of the early 90s, pleasantly,  were the rendezvous of headstrong, opinionated women determined to make something worthwhile out of their lives.  Here are 10 such portrayals that made our day, back in the day.

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