100% Capri Develops Linen Into a Staple of Ready To Wear Fashion

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Markets evolve and expand most precipitously when brand new dimensions are incorporated into them.

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For most traditional sectors, new dimensions are rarely ever discovered or capitalized on.

A rare exception, however, can be found with the linen genre and how its applications are rapidly expanding today to provide significant market cap growth.

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Traditionally relegated to towels, bedding, and drapery, linen is currently experiencing a revolution that is establishing the genre of a pillar of modern ready to wear high fashion.

Triggering this new potential is fashion house 100% Capri. Over the past 22 years, 100% Capri has developed linen- stage by stage- into an object of desire amongst the most discriminating and influential fashion connoisseur while on holiday across markets such as Capri, Portofino, and St. Barts.

Once the brand started to become the vogue for the elite while on holiday, other major fashion houses- from Gucci to Chanel- started to catch on and invest into their own linen productions.

The result has been the precipitous expansion of linen into mainstream and continental luxury markets and a shift in the public mindset that linen could become a staple clothing item for everyday life.

From Miami to Dubai and soon Singapore, 100% Capri is driving this expansion and growing the potential of linen fashion in each market