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    Sounds good.
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    Anyone have a great recipe to share?
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    This makes me happy as I eat every day when I am hungry
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    I love Persian. Eat'em daily.
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    I love cucumbers. Slice them up, add some sour cream, and chives, and tablespoon of
    lemon juice. A great salad any time of the year. Also - peel and slice a cucumber into
    4 long sections. Place into a pitcher of ice water and let stand for 30-60 minutes.
    You'll have a very cool summer drink.
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    13 Side Effects Of Eating Cucumbers. Even the juice of one gives me cramps.
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    One medium size grated carrot, one or two tomato chopped, Half medium size cucumber chopped, Palm full of peeled pomogranade, one tablespoon of chopped coriander leaves. Mix well. Add a pinch of salt. Enjoy heavenly healthy food to partake at any time of the day, when you are hungry, as salad for lunch or supper, for dieting, for slimming, to relieve thurstyness & hunger after heavy workout OR as per your imagination. may or may not add a pinch of grated fresh ginger (not dry ginger powder) for better taste. And thank yourself for that refreshing feeling.
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    I peel the cucumbers, then slice into rounds, then cut again. Cover with Italian Dressing. Shake. Zesty Italian Dressing really works great as well. Enjoy!
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    Carole J
    Ya want a recipe: Try Greek yogurt with grated cucumber, a bit of red pepper flakes, some dill (fresh or dried), some garlic, a little onion and a dash of cumin. Yum!
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    Where is patient zero?