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Ram Gopal Varma

“I wish all the women in the world give men as much happiness as Sunny Leone gives” are wods he chose to wish women on International Women’s Day. Why would RGV write something as derogatory on Sunny remains to be a mystery but his views were met with a heavy backlash. Fan of the former adult star or not, no one condoned such belittling remarks and it was made clear to the director who instead of showing remorse doubled down with, “Those who show they are angry, enjoy most”

12 latest twitter blunders by celebs that attracted major backlash from netizens - the last one is gold

Things were better when we would get to know what celebs are saying through intensely edited and filtered interviews in Filmfare and Stardust. Then came the era of social media and changed everything.

The notion, that our celebs are perfect orators, was butchered ruthlessly as we entered the not-so-smart minds of our Bollywood stars through their hasty tweets. “No, they didn’t” we thought eyeballing their random rants on the social media platform, but more than often – they did make blunders that agitated an ocean of followers – fans and haters – to give them an earful in response to their unbecoming tweets.

Here are 10 celebs who didn’t think through before tweeting and drew quite the backlash.