11 things Mollie King did to get her body

Catriona Harvey-Jenner
Photo credit: Mollie King - Instagram

From Cosmopolitan

Having been in a girlband for several years, it was important for Mollie King to keep her health and fitness in order so she could handle the intensity of regularly performing. And keeping in shape is something the singer-turned-radio presenter has continued, with a stint on Strictly Come Dancing which saw her reach the semi-final alongside her dance partner AJ Pritchard, and now being the face of Boux Avenue's Summer '18 campaign. So how did she do it? This is how...

1. She danced… a lot

Appearing on Strictly Come Dancing last year meant Mollie devoted a lot of time to dancing. “Myself and AJ, we were dancing twelve hours a day,” she told Cosmopolitan UK. “It was so intense,” she added. Dancing for twelve hours a day for twelve weeks straight, it turned out, certainly made an impact on her physique. “I definitely trimmed down. I think if you had any sort of excess weight anywhere then it completely dropped off you,” she said.

2. And became motivated by her own progress

It wasn’t just Mollie’s shape that changed throughout Strictly, her physical ability did too. “My flexibility really improved and my core strength really came on,” she said. “I could see when I looked in the mirror [that] my tummy muscles were really developing,” The Saturdays singer said, adding: “That was great to see, because I wasn’t there to get fit, I was there to learn the routines, but it was a great side thing that just came along with it. It was a great positive.”

3. She gave herself the break she needed

Luckily, with Christmas just around the corner following Strictly Come Dancing, Mollie was able to take a well-deserved rest. “You’re just on your feet all the time, so it was nice to have Christmas after. I took time out of training,” the singer, who presents a regular show on Radio 1, told Cosmopolitan UK. “From Christmas time to about mid-March I just didn’t go to the gym at all. I just did not have that desire at all and I thought okay, well if I don’t want to go, there’s no point in going and not enjoying it.” So that’s exactly what she did.

4. And then came back at it with a regular plan

Having promised herself she would only return to regular exercise when she really felt like it, Mollie is now firmly back in the swing of things. “When I’m in that frame of mind of ‘right, I’m going to do this’, then I like to really throw myself in,” she said. “I do get that bug for it. I love when you wake up and you can feel that you’re aching. I think that’s a really good feeling and it kind of eggs you on to keep going.”

At the moment, she trains roughly four times a week. “I like going in the evenings. When I go to the gym I like to go at about 8 o’clock, just when it’s a bit quieter,” she explained.

Photo credit: Boux Avenue

5. She regularly switched up her exercise

Mollie mixes her weekly exercise up with a combination of gym workouts and two different classes: boxing and pilates. “The boxing really gets my heart rate going and it’s good because you’ve got somebody there constantly motivating you,” she said, talking about her boxing trainer Mati Parks. “He throws in loads of different things, like press ups and sit ups and squats so it’s not purely boxing, it’s an overall, general workout.” Pilates, on the other hand, serves a different purpose for Mollie. “With the pilates it’s sort of the complete opposite. It’s really good for that inner core strength and I come out of it feeling really positive. I’m not coming out of it feeling absolutely exhausted, but I do ache. I always feel quite relaxed after it, and in a good frame of mind,” she said.

When hitting the gym, Mollie mixes it up too, switching between cardio and weight training. “I normally start off with the stepper, just to get my heart rate going and to work on my legs and my glutes, and I sometimes do circuits,” she explained. “Then I’ll do some weights as well. I think weights are good for toning and reshaping. For me, I’m quite an athletic build, I’m quite straight up and down, I’m not that curvaceous, so weights are good if you want to gain anywhere. I’d quite like to gain on my bum,” Mollie added.