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Varun Dhawan

Fan favorite Varun Dhavan appears to be the happiest person on earth without a hint of worry, but he too has had his own brush-up with stress and depression. Though he was never clinically diagnosed, while shooting for the movie, ‘Badlapur’, he was silently battling depression, about which he reveals, “I was depressed. I was not clinically declared depressed but I was heading there. I was very sad to a certain degree. I don’t want to use the term ‘depression’ loosely because it’s a serious illness. It definitely effected my mental health. I was prescribed and did see a doctor for it as well.”

11 times Bollywood celebs opened up about battling depression and mental ailment

Beneath all those glossy faces and pricey clothes, these stars are just as human as you and I. They feel sorrow, get hurt, and at times go into a dark place of stagnancy and suffocation and need to give their best fight to come out of that place.

Deepika was one of the first stars from B’town who dared to speak about this condition and the way paved by her was walked on by many.

Mental depression has for long been considered a stigma. The stigmatization stalled people from seeking help and making the situation worse. Good for all these celebs who spoke about their struggles and made depression an acceptable ailment that needs treatment, not discrimination.